Small Collectibles & Miscellaneous Items

In our small collectibles & miscellaneous items section, we feature items that don't quite fit into a broad category of collectibles.

So we've grouped them all together in one section.  Anything that you cannot find in our other sections, make sure you check here first to be sure that you're not missing it.

And, if you don't find the small collectibles or miscellaneous items you are looking for, just send us an email and we'd be happy to include it in our next update.

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Glass Collectibles

Carnival Glass - A few decades back, it was nearly impossible to not find at least one piece of carnival glass adorning a mantel or showcase, but as the iridescent pieces fell further and further into the realm of kitsch, it seemed for a while like only those who were interested in collectibles really knew what they were.

Fenton Glass - Sophisticated, elegant and classy. This collection of beautiful glassware has been growing and attracting the interest of collectors of home accents since 1905. In that year, two brothers started producing artwork on glass in an old glass factory in Ohio.

Glass Paperweights - Once thought of as little more than a piece of stone or metal on the edge of a desk, glass paperweights are now more popular than ever with collectors who spend lots of time and money to find these tiny works of art all over the world.

Christopher Radko Ornaments - It all started with a falling. The falling of Christopher’s family tree that led to a thousand mouth-blown vintage glass ornaments to be broken to pieces. Christopher's quest to replace them was the driving force that brought about the company that till today creates the finest holiday treasures ever to adorn our homes.

Snowbaby Waterglobes - "Let it Snow" is the title and the message of one of the snowbaby waterglobes by Department 56. A delightful snowbaby, a bouquet of snowflakes in one hand, gazes up at a shining globe speckled with more snowflakes.

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Decorative Small Collectibles

Blue Sky Clayworks -  whole villages based on a theme: visit Croakers Pond if you’re fond of frogs. The pond hosts lily pads and playful frogs, while the store, inn, and café are the places to find busier frogs. There are lots of tea lights as well, in various themes, and pieces designed to help you decorate for special occasions like Halloween and Christmas.

Bradford Exchange Plates - the company that started the whole modern collectibles industry in the early seventies, now offering a huge range of limited-edition collectables and handcrafted gifts, from jewellery exclusives, music boxes and Elvis Presley tributes to clocks, beautifully realistic dolls, wall art, birthstone pendants, figurines and even dog collectibles..

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Blue Sky Clayworks Decorative AngelBlue Sky Clayworks Decorative Angel

Miscellaneous Collectible Items

Collectible Doll Danbury MintCollectible Doll Danbury Mint

Antique Thimbles - Their significance as collectibles did not begin to gain mainstream attention until the late 1960’s or 1970’s, depending on who you ask. As they became more obsolete to more people on a practical level, antique thimbles began to gain popularity as collectibles.

Betty Boop Mercandise - She’s elegant, she’s amusing, she’s vaudeville, and she’s still very popular more than 75 years later.

Buttons - Collecting buttons can be a truly fascinating hobby, though most people get into it more for an interest in the history of buttons and fasteners than any monetary value.

Comic Art - Despite what some people might think, comic books aren't just for kids anymore! Comic art has become one of the hottest collectible categories out there with fans of all ages, and you might be surprised how many of them got their start as avid fans of the many superheroes and villains we've all come to know over the years.

Christian Puppets - One of the best ways to interest young children in the Bible and Scripture is to use Christian puppets to act out different scenes and stories and help bring Lord into their hearts in a sweet, loving and fun way!

Hat Pins - Though we rarely see them today, hat pins were once an accessory that women simply could not be without. In the Victorian era, when appearance was everything, it just wouldn't do for a fashionable lady's hat to blow off in the wind.

Comic Art History BookComic Art History Book

Irish Gifts - You don't have to be from Ireland to appreciate all the wonderful Irish gifts that are available, and there are quite a few! Whether you're displaying your Irish pride or just love the look of shamrocks around your house, Irish collectibles are very popular and fun.

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We will feature more small collectibles and miscellaneous items each week, so please check back with us often if you don't find what you're seeking.

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