Snow White Collection

Imagine what the perfect Snow White collection would look like: a beautiful dark haired princess with pale skin and, yes, seven dwarves.

If you wanted to include a little drama, you might add a beautiful but cold and wicked queen, a murderous witch and a handsome prince. We all know how the story ends, but for most of us, the happy time that Snow White spent with dwarves was the heart of the tale, and the part that we want to preserve. Doc was serious, Sneezy was funny and Grumpy was, well, grumpy, but they were all absolutely devoted to the tragic princess, and they live on in our hearts because of it.

Snow White dolls have been around longer than most of us realize. The original Disney classic came out in 1937, and most memorabilia date from after that time, but the story has actually been told, retold and revised for hundreds of years. In the sixteen hundreds, the early versions were already popular —though much darker than the version we know today. In fact, it wasn’t even a children’s story then, and story tellers dwelt on the attempted murder and witchcraft. It’s unlikely that many people wanted a Snow White collection in those days.

In 1857 the Brothers Grimm retold the story in a gentler light, making it more like the children’s story we know so well. From then on, people depicted the princess and other characters, but the Snow White collection of memorabilia really took off when Disney embraced the story. It was the beginning of great success for both a classic fairy tale and the young motion picture company, and the impetus for a long line of Snow White dolls, figurines of the dwarves and other characters, and innumerable other memorabilia. The trend continues today.

Most Snow White dolls and other collectibles are licensed by Disney and, thus, they closely resemble the characters in the Disney movies. However, the style of the products has changed over the years and some artists add their own unique touch to their art, which makes it distinctive. Thus, a collection can contain a number of different replicas of princess Snow White and her seven friends. Similarly, some of the older products are different: many are collector’s items now and command high prices on the secondary market.

Some of the earliest Snow White dolls were produced by a company called Chad Valley. These were cloth dolls depicting Snow White and all of the dwarves and they were very well done. They are valuable today with a complete set being worth several thousand dollars or more depending on their condition. Mattel, Vivid Imaginations, and Simba have each produced their own Snow White pieces and some are still doing so. Again, the older pieces are sometimes hard to get and worth a lot to the avid collector.

Everyone can have a Snow White collection. The range of products today includes items for less than $20 and fine art work worth thousands. Snow White dolls from Disney are available for about $12 US, bean bag dwarves are about $19, and jewelry ranges from $7 up. For the collector with money to spend, there are very high end memorabilia such as the R John Wright replicas, finely crafted of molded wool felt and selling for well over $1000.

You won’t find this range of Snow White dolls in every store of course, but you will find them all on the internet. No other shopping experience has offered the ability to windowshop the Snow White collection quite like this: find out about new products, secondary markets, high priced art work, hard to find pieces, history, and other collectors without leaving home. Even the wicked witch didn’t think of that.

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