Steinbach Nutcrackers & Ornaments

Steinbach nutcrackers and ornaments are a collector’s delight and have a long history with solid, family roots. These unique collectibles have a global following with serious collectors numbering several thousand.

At this time, the largest known collection of nutcrackers by Stenbach is owned by Claudia Davis who lives in Hayden Lake, Idaho. She owns over five thousand nutcrackers, all of which she inherited from her father Hal and many of which were personally signed by him by Christian Steinbach.

In 1832, Christian Steinbach, a skilful wood turner, began to produce hand carved German nutcrackers. He was so successful, he became known as The King of the Nutcrackers. The business became so profitable that his descendents have continued the family business down through the generations.

The current Christian Steinbach continues to run the business from the town of Hohenhameln, north of the Harz Mountains. He is training his daughter Karla to take over the helm after his retirement. She will be the sixth generation of Steinbachs to continue the tradition.

Steinbach’s main factory in Hohenhameln began operation soon after World War II ended. After the Berlin Wall fell and Germany was reunified, the Steinbach family recovered its long lost factory in Erzgebirge and now produces its Nutcrackers and Ornaments in both factories.

Christian Steinbach GmbH has long been the world’s leader in producing collectible nutcrackers and smoking men. All Steinbach Nutcrackers are handcrafted with intricate detail from the finest European timbers. Every generation’s craftsmen trained for many years as wood carvers to be able to beautifully create each nutcracker or ornament.

Steinbach Nutcrackers or "knussknackers" are both practical tools and interesting, exciting (and even cute) action figures. Remember Darth Vader? Rather appropriate that he should end up a nut cracker, don’t you think?

For many people, Steinbach collecting is a family affair; their nutcrackers often pulled out at Christmas, a new addition avidly anticipated. Ornaments for Christmas complete the tradition. It’s not surprising that Steinbach’s sales spike dramatically in the Christmas lead up. Nevertheless, they have steady year round sales because of a loyal customer base.

This is how Christian Steinbach describes his collection:

"Even nowadays a nutcracker figure is not simply a tool. No, our nutcrackers are symbolic figures. They will help you to crack the spice of life. Strong, powerful, genuine and loyal like their forefathers over the centuries, they do their duty."

Steinbach Nutcrackers are clearly meant to be more than simply nutcrackers or even collectibles. They are intended to symbolize strength, courage and honor, and in doing so enhance the life of their owner. Perhaps Mr. Steinbach feels that the strength of his family is infused into their creations.

Collectors are increasingly finding that Ebay presents a great opportunity for buying Nutcrackers and Ornaments by Steinbach at often great prices. The internet generally has offered collectors a sense of community and the ability to contact and build relationships with other Steinbach collectors.

Many collectors have been made welcome at the Steinbach factories and have been shown how the products are made. The company’s approach along with high quality and innovative designs has encouraged strong devotion and loyalty among their customers.

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