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Our Stuffed Animals section includes all of the popular teddy bears, Beanie Babies, GUNDs and other cuddly friends that can be found in a child's (or adult's) bedroom.

You will find a host of information on plush animals and not-so-plush, from rare originals to brand new releases, and everything in between.

Choose from the stuffed plush animals, teddy bears, GUNDs and others below:

Teddy Bears

When someone mentions teddy bears, the first thing to come to mind is the round, fuzzy face from their childhood who stayed beside them through thick and thin, listened to all their secrets and never uttered a peep. With memories like these associated with teddies, it's no wonder that they are one of the most well-loved and enduring collectibles in history.

teddy bearteddy bear

Beanie Babies

Beanie BabiesBeanie Babies

Perhaps the most popular stuffed animals of all time with children of all ages are the Beanie Babies. These colorful little animals have captured the hearts of many a collector, just as they captured media attention, when they unexpectedly became so popular that people were actually fighting over them.

Bearington Bears

Bearingtonville was founded in 1997 when Bearington Collection, a family owned and operated business was born. Since then, hundreds of bears have come from Bearingtonville and into the homes of teddy bear collectors all over the world.

Bearington BearsBearington Bears

Boyds Plush

Boyds Teddy BearsBoyds Teddy Bears

When you think of the Boyds Collection Ltd., you think of teddy bears, Boyds plush teddies that first appeared in the mid 1980s. The first bear was a 100% merino wool teddy bear designed for the newborn son of G. M. Lowenthal and Justina Unger, founders of the company. That bear was an instant friend to its tiny owner, and the characters that followed ultimately evolved into the “Bears and Hares you can Trust”, and a whole line of other animals —cats, chickens, cows, pigs and all the menagerie.

GUND Stuffed Animals

Almost everyone who has a collection of toys has heard of the incomparable GUND animals, whose brand name has been synonymous with quality and creativity since the day the first plush toy was designed and made more than a century ago.

GUND animalsGUND animals

Steiff Bears

Steiff BearsSteiff Bears

For generations, Steiff bears and other animals have delighted children and adults alike. Steiff is a family-owned company situated in the West German town of Giengen, a picturesque community at the foot of the Swabian Alps.

Webkinz Cheeky Dog

Cheeky Dog Webkinz is one of two plush toys from this line that has been retired. The other is Cheeky Cat. Like all the Webkinz animals these two came with a special secret code that was the password for their owner to get into Webkinz World to play with their pet.

Webkinz Cheeky DogWebkinz Cheeky Dog

Wolf Plush

Wolf PlushWolf Plush

For people who love animals —especially creatures that symbolize independence and freedom— wolves plush creations with realistic fur and intelligent eyes, make lifetime companions. Collecting wolves in many different forms is a hobby that may go back centuries.

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We will be adding more plush animals to this section on a regular basis, so please check back often to see our latest updates.

If you have any particular favorites, let us know what they are and we'll try our best to add them to our review.

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