Thomas Blackshear Ornaments

The Thomas Blackshear ornaments collection titled "Ebony Visions" has achieved outstanding success and attracted worldwide attention. It was introduced in April 1995 when he released his first six designs. An additional forty one new designs have been added since then.

Blackshear defines his style as Afro-Nouveau, a combination of both Art Nouveau and African culture. He says of his own work, "Thomas Blackshear’s Ebony Visions reflects not only my own visions as a black man, but also the visions we all share, regardless of the color of our skin. Because in the essence, the physical and spiritual expression in my sculptures are all part of the human experience."

Essentially, Blackshear ornaments in the Ebony Visions collection highlight the beauty of the human body and recognize the aspirations of the whole of humankind through the filter of African American culture. This is particularly evident in Thomas Blackshear's Jamboree Parade.

Thomas Blackshear ornaments are cast in resin and hand painted in either soft pastels or vibrant primary colors depending on the message of the piece. The figures are skillfully rendered to portray strong yet subtle emotions. Blackshear has been lauded for his brilliant use of color and unique design and Ebony Visions has been described as a master work of romantic symbolism reflecting the positive ideals of faith, devotion, courage and love. It is a moving witness to hope and strength inherent in humanity.

Kitty by Thomas Blackshear is a famous member of the Ebony Visions family and is alluring in its simplicity. ‘Kitty’ is a figure of a young girl, carrying a basket of three kittens on her head. The name is memorable, referring both to the girl and the kittens. The realistic expression on her face, the sense of movement and warmth combined with the classic lines of the sculpture, have no doubt influenced the popularity of Kitty.

The official internet home for collectors of Thomas Blackshear ornaments is Blackshear Online. Larraine Flemming, Blackshear Online’s Community Director, says of the Ebony Visions collection, “This exciting new group of products includes such varied formats as limited edition figurines, greeting cards, holiday designs, ornaments and a handsome, display center showcase.” Ms Flemming goes on to say, "These designs continue Thomas Blackshear's tradition of portraying African-Americans with exceptional grace, dignity and humor — a tradition that has attracted an ever-increasing number of avid collectors."

Online forums offer a wonderful opportunity for Blackshear collectors to discuss their collections and concerns with others who share their interest. They also provide up to date information about the popularity and value of limited edition pieces and possibly offer opportunities to buy older pieces from other collectors.

Ebony Visions stands not only on its own, as a valuable and engaging representation of African American culture, it is riding a wave of an increasingly popular genre of collectibles known as Black Memorabilia. However, Ebony Visions should by no means be limited to this niche. It is a collection with global appeal; the talent of the artist and the character and quality of Thomas Blackshear ornaments, stand on their own.

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