Vanmark Figurines

Vanmark figurines are beautiful gifts with long term investment potential. Most Vanmark collectibles can accurately be described as presidential. Their classic, solid detail would not look out of place in the Oval Office.

Meticulously crafted, they are more than collectors’ items, they make wonderful ornamental gifts for any man and provide a choice of subjects for wide appeal. Although most tend to be masculine, Vanmark Enchanted Garden figurines are very feminine and successfully appeal to women’s tastes.

Chi Van originally began his gift business in China. In 1983, he opened business in California and his product line steadily grew. By 1997, having recognized the potential growth for the collectibles market, he introduced a line of Vanmark figurines focusing on five professions that save lives with courage and commitment.

The Blue Hats Vanmark figures were an immediate success and Vanmark has been voted first in the industry five years in a row. In 1999, Ken Dixon was given the responsibility for product development and he found talented artists to create new theme-based lines of collectibles.

Vanmark collectibles are highly sought after, individually numbered, limited edition figures. They are intricate pieces, hand crafted from cold-cast resin and hand painted. The completed figures are showcased on highly polished, bevel-edged bases. Each collectible is sold with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and Registration of Ownership card.

Vanmark collectibles honor police, fire and other professionals and have been ranked first in men’s collectible gifts, not once or even twice but year after year. They also offer historical images of the Civil War.

The Blue Hats of Bravery series honors police, from motor cycle patrol officers to cops on the beat. Some of the Blue Hats Vanmark figures are traditional sculptures, some are life-like and modern, others are slightly impressionistic. All are of the highest artistic quality.

The Red Hats of Courage series is a collection of detailed figures and ornaments designed to commemorate the courage of firefighters. As with the Blue Hats Vanmark figures, Vanmark’s fire fighter series includes classical sculptures, modern realism and amusing caricatures.

The "Commanding Images of the Civil War" series presents resin statuettes of Civil War leaders and brings them to life with realistic expressions, stature and historically accurate dress. They look impressive, placed on beautifully finished wood bases complete with engraved nameplates.

Vanmark also has a new line of figurines which are not masculine and are strongly aimed at the female market. This is the Vanmark Enchanted Garden series presenting beautiful figurines of enchanting maidens dressed in gowns adorned with flower petals and buds. They are soft pastel in color and often carry flowers. They are gentle and appealing, in sharp contrast to the style of the rest of the Vanmark figurines.

From relatively recent beginnings, Vanmark collectibles arose out of an uncannily accurate assessment that the collectibles market was a growth opportunity for business. While this is not the most romantic of beginnings, Vanmark has continued as it began – a well conceived, well run business. Created with a specific target market in mind, Vanmark figurines are more than popular gift products, they have attracted serious collectors who now number in the thousands.

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