Webkinz Cheeky Dog

Webkinz Cheeky Dog is a little plush canine about eight inches long. He has four white feet and a body the color of light brown sugar.

Long brown floppy ears, a velvety brown nose and a big round grin make him look like he’s ready for whatever kind of play he can find. This lovable little dog is one of a whole collection of plush animals made by Ganz.

Cheeky Dog Webkinz is one of two plush toys from this line that has been retired. The other is Cheeky Cat. Like all the Webkinz animals these two came with a special secret code that was the password for their owner to get into Webkinz World to play with their pet.

In this virtual internet world, owners name their plush animal and register it as a boy or a girl. Then they can interact with their animal and get to know it online. Webkinz Cheeky Dog stole many hearts is still a star, but there are lots of other dogs and other types of animals as well that are still available.

In Webkinz World, pet owners build a room for their Webkinz dog, or other animal, to live in, feed and exercise the plush pet, and take part in educational activities, games, contests and quizzes. During these activities, they can earn Kinz cash—virtual cash to buy things for their pets.

Online, the more that kids play with their Cheeky Dog, exercising, feeding and looking after him, the happier and healthier he will be. It’s wonderful, safe, education online activity for a young child. It’s also a great way to teach them about how pets need care in order to be happy.

If you missed Cheeky Dog Webkinz, take a look at Basset Hound, Polar Bear, or even Tree Frog. There’s a special animal for every special child.

Lots of children started their collection with Webkinz Cheeky Dog and have since collected lots more of these soft, huggable characters. They’re inexpensive, so it’s easy to collect a lot of them — your child could have a Webkinz dog, a cat, a rabbit, a cow and even a unicorn. Animals the size of Cheeky Dog Webkinz are priced at just under $10: a great price for such an educational and fun toy. Even less expensive, Lil’ Kinz is a line of smaller animals that can do all the same things in Webkinz World.

Webkinz Cheeky Dog was one of the first of a collection of animals designed for the internet. It’s a novel idea: a lovable plush toy that your child can interact with in both the real and the virtual world. Educational on so many levels and affordable for every budget, Cheeky Dog Webkinz was truly an inspiration that has grown into a successful line of collectibles.

Shop for your Webkinz dog or other animal on line, take a virtual tour of Webkinz world, and get ready to watch your child have lots of fun.

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