Westland Giftware

There’s a good chance you’ll find something appropriate in Westland giftware if you’re searching for the perfect, most unique, most unusual gift.

Still waiting to see a purple cow? There’s one in the “Cowparade.” Do you love frogs? You’ll adore the “Frog Bobble” figurines. The collection of things at Westland is as surprising as it is endless. Their products really must be seen to be believed.

Westland gifts have been selling since 1972 and since then the company has become a leader in the giftware industry. There is always something new to see – about 1000 new pieces are added each year. You’ll find everything from figurines on many themes, to decorative and different birdhouses, fantastic dragons, kitchen utensil holders, and collectibles from familiar and popular lines such as Garfield, Betty Boop, Peanuts, and Disney.

The Westland figurines include a number of “parades:” collections of animals and things like guitars and motorbikes. There’s “Poultry in Motion,” a parade of more than twenty colorful roosters and chickens with attitude, designed by Sharon Neuhaus.

You might like “Fish Outta Water,” a large school of dressed up tropical fish created by Lori Siebert for Westland. It will probably take a little while for you to collect an entire parade from Westland Giftware – it will probably take time just to decide which of the parades is your favorite. There are over a dozen and they’re all terrific.

Other types of gifts include a wide variety of items: eyeglass holders, key chains, clocks, candle holders and decorative pieces of all descriptions. Figurines like “Florentine Angels,” have flowing skirts, flowers in their hands, and a glittering gemstone hanging off one filigree wing. “Classic Carousels” are carousel horses with all the beauty and gracefulness of the real thing. There are so many other themes and styles in Westland that it’s impossible to describe them all.

Westland giftware is made of many different materials, including ceramic, resin, and even bronze. Whatever the materials, these collectibles have the look of quality with fine craftsmanship, intricate details, and pleasing colors. Westland figurines are charming and quirky – great conversation pieces, suitable for addition to a personal collection of interesting home décor pieces or for gifting to friends and loved ones. Best of all, they’re priced so reasonably that anyone can find gifts in their budget range.

The best place to explore the world of Westland Giftware is on the internet. Internet shopping gives you the entire range of products — many more than you would expect to find if you went shopping in gift stores. Although many shops do carry Westland pieces, most of them won’t ship your purchase to you, or order in the piece you want if they don’t have it.

Internet shopping may even be cheaper: depending on size and style, many of the Westland figurines and other pieces are priced in the $8 to $25 dollar range. For the extravagant, a few larger pieces cost as much as $60.

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