Williraye Studio Collectibles

The first time you come across collectible figurines from the Williraye Studio you may wonder what it is, exactly, that makes them so charming.

Is it the air of country life that all of them have, or the comfortable relationships they portray between all of the subjects: people, animals and growing things. Perhaps it is the odd but somehow attractive things that are out of proportion: a dog’s extra large tongue, a cow’s extra-square body, or a little girl’s extra big boots. Perhaps, in the end, it’s just that all of the people, plants and animals depicted are so obviously happy.

Jeff and Bobbe Punzel-Schuknecht have been creating their collectible figurines for so long now that they have retired many of the earlier designs. Retired collectibles from the Williraye Studio are usually available for a short time after the retirement date until stocks run out —then they become more eagerly sought after simply because they are harder to get. The quest for desired pieces on the secondary market is part of the fun of collecting— and the thrill of finding that final piece to complete a specific grouping is a wonderful reward for the effort.

Among both the newer designs and the retired collectibles, there are numerous delightful themes to choose from. You might like the “Everyday Collection,” a grouping of friendly farm animals and farm folk plucked from life on the farm and fashioned into pieces of art for your home. “Animal Stackers” has a blue bird standing on a goose standing on a sheep standing on a goat on wheels —it looks precarious but no one looks worried. “Country Love,” meanwhile shows two youngsters, three cats and three blue birds riding on a truly enormous cow. Typical of art from the Williraye Studio, the characters have small heads and large feet, and the cow is practically square.

Other themes from the Williraye Studio include the “Hallowe’en Collection,” the “Nativity Collection,” and the “Christmas Collection,” as well as some Christmas ornaments and “Mini Willies.” Though the “Mini Willies” are new and the nativity pieces have only been appearing for a few years, there are many retired collectibles in the other collections for those up to the challenge of searching for them.

In the Williraye Art Studio, Bobbe Punzel-Schuknecht designs each piece and Jeff hand carves it from wood. Bobbe then hand paints the figurine and from there it gets reproduced in resin and metal so that many people can enjoy affordable reproductions of the original. Christmas ornaments are the least expensive, starting at as little as $10.50.

Minis are in the $20 range while everyday Williraye collectables can be anywhere from $20 and up depending on size. Groupings, like the three wise men in the nativity collection, are $100 or more; which is still very reasonable considering the cost for each piece.

The internet is the perfect place to search for these collectibles, especially retired Williraye pieces. You will find some of these available from internet vendors for original prices as long as stocks last. Once the item is out of stock, sites like EBay are the perfect venue to purchase or sell Williraye Studio creations on the secondary market.

Whether you’re trying to build a specific collection or just trading as a hobby, you’ll never have this much fun with Williraye collectibles anywhere else.

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