Wizard of Oz Collectibles

Looking for Wizard of Oz collectibles? Simply click your mouse button three times —that’s probably all it will take to find a good site once your search engine has done all the work.

Almost seventy years after the young Judy Garland starred in the timeless classic movie, collectables showing her as Dorothy are more popular that ever. Toto, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Wicked Witch are still household names as well. Children and adults alike still enjoy the fantasy of the story and visit the Land of Oz vicariously, through artistic productions and keepsakes.

Dorothy would probably be amazed at how easy it is to get to Kansas today by any route, but especially on the internet — and she’d also be amazed at the variety of Wizard of Oz collectables that still recall her famous tornado trip to another dimension. Fridge magnets, nightlights, trinket boxes, and T-shirts are just the beginning. You can own an Emerald City sculpture with three waterglobes—one containing the Wicked Witch, another with her gloomy frightening castle, and the third surrounding Dorothy, Toto, and their three companions. It’s a musical from the Westland Giftware and just one of thousands of wizard of oz collectibles.

Fans of the Wicked Witch will love the San Francisco Music Box Company’s Wizard of Oz gifts, including the Wicked Witch Hat musical, which shows Dorothy and Toto trapped inside a waterglobe with the frightening flying monkeys. The Wicked Witch’s hat rests on top, beautifully painted with scenes from the Witch’s castle.

Or, fans of Wizard of Oz collectibles who really dislike the Wicked Witch can see her eternally melting in the Wicked Witch Musical fountain, in which Dorothy continually pours water on the Witch — and we all know what water does to the Witch! On a lighter note, choose a Christmas stocking depicting the striped legs and ruby slippers of the Wicked Witch of the East, from the Yellow Brick Road Shop. Wizard of Oz collectables can be scary, funny, charming, entertaining, musical, pocket size, or big enough to be the centerpiece of your home décor.

Imagine that you are following the famous yellow brick road as you contentedly browse the internet for Wizard of Oz gifts. Along the way, you’ll meet all the personalities from the movie —the Munchkins, Glinda the Good Witch, the Wizard himself, and all the main characters. You’ll find them in resin figurines, sun catchers, ceramics, pewter, fabrics, photography, painting, and all the other mediums that have been creatively used to design Wizard of Oz collectables.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a gift for someone else, you will find no shortage of choices. Some sites ate devoted almost entirely to Wizard of Oz collectibles for children, while others focus on attractive and desirable pieces for home décor.

Prices, too, vary widely when you buy Wizard of Oz gifts. Many items, especially those marketed for children, small things like bookmarks and key chains, and even Christmas ornaments are offered for under $10. Larger decorative pieces start at about $30 and many of the more beautiful Wizard of Oz collectables retail for over a hundred dollars each. For the serious collector who seeks out rare memorabilia and has money to spend, one-of-a-kind items sell for thousands of dollars.

When you find the piece you want, close your eyes and wish for it three times, to be sure it’s right for you, then order it from your favorite internet site and ask to have it shipped. Shopping for Wizard of Oz collectibles on the internet is as easy as clicking your heels three times.

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